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Anti Money Laundering
Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to a set of regulations introduced to prevent the generation of income through illegal actions. The compliance requires institutions to have required system in place to monitor the financial transactions and provide regulatory reports to Central Bank on a periodic basis.

I3 Consulting has a proven experience in consulting and implementing Anti-money laundering solution for a large number of clients. Backed with a strong team of consultants, it has successfully implemented AML solution for more than 20 banks across GCC countries. Below are some of the recent AML implementations:
  • Implementation of AML solution for an exchange house in Jordan
  • Integration of AML solution for two merging banks based out of UAE and migrating AML scenarios from Norkom to SAS solution
  • Implementation of 65 scenarios with over 30 custom scenarios for a KSA based bank
  • Money laundering rules and scenario fine tuning for a KSA based bank
  • Real-time watchlist integration for a telecom service provider

Leveraging its more than a decade’s consulting experience, i3C has developed AML Select product. Below are the salient features of the offering:
  • Anti-money laundering solution that has 30 out of box scenarios covering various business. It includes sanctions and watchlist integration
  • Solution generates STR and CTR reporting and can directly integrates to central bank for report uploads
  • Automated ability to do scenario fine tuning

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