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Cement Industry – GCC

Current economic slowdown is expected to result in decline in the growth of demand for cement in the near term; however, emerging markets are expected to drive bulk of future growth.

Model to predict oil prices

Oil price has a strong relationship with factors like world GDP growth, speculative trading, momentum indicators, dollar index and oil price as lead indicator of itself.

Investment Report on Gold

Returns on gold are expected to be comparable to some of the most attractive asset classes. There exists an enormous opportunity to invest in gold and good performing gold mining companies.


The global gloom of economic trouble and slowdown has impacted the IPO markets as well.

Services – Driver for M&A in 2008

Investment Banks are flooded with enquires and mandates for M&A assignments in the GCC region.

Market overview and investment potential for concept restaurants in select countries

F&B business covers all market segments from mass markets to high net worth niches and hence has huge potential market.

Overview and Outlook for hospital services in Saudi Arabia

Healthcare services is one of the most lucrative sectors in KSA.

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