i3 Consulting
Customer 360 View

Customer analytics programs across the world today are immensely strengthened with the presence of a sound data infrastructure. Complex organizations can make faster, smarter and more accurate real time business decisions when they are armed with a holistic view of their customers. i3 Consulting offers to set-up and manage 360 degree views that encapsulate the customers’ profile, behavior and preferences into a one stop shop of information. Businesses can thus leverage the integrated data through data mining and analytics to achieve greater value creation and become more customer-centric. The 360 degree views offered by us enable clients to:

  • Easily visualize the entire customer data on a single collective view rather than visiting disparate sources of information
  • Implement analytical insights into action quickly by eliminating the need of repeatedly establishing data infrastructure
  • Improve end-user response time by accessing only business essential data that is less cluttered
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