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Successful business management requires ongoing monitoring of performance in order to generate data which can help to judge the success or otherwise of specific strategies. Improvement in performance can only be realistically achieved when management is properly informed about current performance. To this end it is important to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will enable management to monitor progress.

We help our clients to quickly identify and implement meaningful, scalable KPIs / balanced scorecard and solutions, letting our clients spot critical trends to take action upon. Our approach for development of performance matrix includes:

  • Identifying and agreeing upon specific KPIs to measure functional or process efficiency and considering how best to measure them
  • Defining how each KPI needs to be analyzed and interpreted
  • For measurement of KPIs, ensuring that the capturing of right set of data fields exists in the business process
  • Establish target performance levels for all the chosen KPIs using information gained from benchmarking exercises / past performance or experience as guides
  • Design customized KPI tools / dashboards ensuring that they provide actionable content that leads to fast, reliable business decisions
  • Assisting IT team in implementing the KPI tool / dashboard in the internal system
Business performance management

i3C’s BPM tools aid in reviewing the overall business performance and determining how the business can better reach its goals. These tools enable our clients to

  • Monitor and analyze business processes that can subsequently lead to improved productivity and efficiency
  • Automate tasks and identify cost savings opportunities
  • Measure key performance objectives
  • Analyze risks and predict business outcomes

a). Portfolio management dashboards
i3C’s portfolio management dashboards allow our clients to track the performance of their entire suite of products and services through an easy-to-use graphical interface. Business management can drill down into the lowest levels of data and trends with one click navigation, thus salvaging a lot of time that would have been spent analyzing multiple reports.

b). Product management dashboards
Product management dashboards enable clients to view all KPIs relevant to individual products, and support informed business decisions. Deeper insights into product performance can be leveraged to align planning and execution with business strategy, as well as complete product redesign.

Operational performance management

Achieving and sustaining operational excellence is no longer a desired end state but a near-term requirement for any successful company today. i3C’s operational performance tracking solutions can help clients leverage operational and process improvements to achieve success in many dimensions including:

  • Service and quality – meeting and exceeding customer expectations around quality, customer service and responsiveness
  • Scalability – providing the operational foundation to effectively scale and support top line growth without large increases in headcount and cost
  • Cost effectiveness – managing total costs to enhance customer and shareholder value as well as drive competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Flexibility – adapting and responding in a timely manner to changing customer requirements and market conditions with ease and effectiveness
  • Reliability – monitoring business processes that can subsequently lead to improved productivity and efficiency

a). Sales force management dashboards
Our sales force management solutions help businesses in optimizing the planning and allocation of sales force across the entire supply chain network, thus providing a competitive advantage in terms of reduced operational costs and response times, as well as enhanced productivity levels and customer satisfaction.

b). Network performance dashboards
We also help businesses by offering simple and easy-to-use tools that provide deeper insight into the performance of individual components of the supply chain network. This helps the clients in enhancing operational productivity through actionable governance plan.

Marketing performance

Marketing dashboards offered by i3C help clients in measuring and improving both efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing activities. These solutions condense the entire marketing performance in high-impact visualization by cutting across large chunks of data. Employing marketing dashboard solutions can help businesses in:

  • Aligning marketing objectives to the company's financial objectives and strategy through the selection of critical metrics and sharing of results
  • Establishing direct links between spending and profits resulting in a better ability to make smart resource allocations and increase both efficiency and effectiveness of marketing spending
  • Creating a learning organization that makes decisions on hard facts supplemented with experiential intuition thus speeding up decision making
  • Attaining increased visibility around customers, products, brands and target channels, which helps determine the decisions and actions to be enforced
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