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The ability to test and measure the marketing environment and make holistic plans to cater to changing customer needs is driving many marketing organizations to adapt and change the way they look at data-based marketing decisions.

For more holistic management of marketing, marketing organizations can use a combination of approaches that allow them to report on the past, understand the present and predict the future in terms of marketing effectiveness, customer lifecycle management, customer experiences and product management.

i3C offers a range of services to cater to the needs of the marketing organization in the following areas.
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Product Optimization
i3C’s Solutions for Marketing Effectiveness

In today’s highly crowded media and marketing environment, companies face questions around how to holistically manage marketing budgets across various traditional and new-age media channels.

Some of the key decisions markets need to make include:

Marketing Mix Analytics

  • Diagnose reasons for change in business performance by considering the impact of factors such as Advertising, Media selection, Trade promotion, pricing, etc.
  • Optimize effectiveness of each marketing channel by sub-channel, campaign, geography, timing, audience/target, duration and publisher to improve ROI

Social Media Analytics

  • Obtain better customer insights from stakeholder conversations on digital/social media, leading to more structured and information driven business decisions
  • Gain comprehensive understanding of operating market by taking feedback through sentiment and web analytics

Measuring KPIs through interactive Dashboards

  • Successfully track and monitor custom KPIs along with drill down capabilities to perform root cause analysis
  • More accurate resource allocation through visualizations enabling user to perform corrections proactively
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