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With the increasing pressure of delivering profitability, the managers are now starting to focus on oft neglected area - delivering profitability by bringing operational efficiency.

Operations have traditionally been looked at from process efficiency, maximizing customer experience at various touch points, optimizing supply chain, regulatory compliance. However, there are many important aspects that can improve the EBITDA margin of the organizations by over 2%. Some of the key value drivers for operations optimization include:

  • Procurement optimization thereby reducing leakage and wastage in the system. It can also deliver significant gains by focusing on economies of scale rather than individual purchases
  • Internal fraud identification and management. This is generally a tip of the iceberg. Very few organizations have a systematized mechanism for detection, investigation and reducing fraud and hence lose millions of dollars every year
  • Demand forecasting and production planning can take the optimization for the whole value chain to the next level. By saving the cost for the whole value chain, the OEMs can share the benefits, thereby reducing their operating costs
  • Asset performance monitoring and preventive maintenance can significantly reduce downtime and thereby increase profitability

These are just few of the examples of improving operational efficiency. Interestingly, each of the above area can be optimized and automated by leveraging artificial intelligence and automation.

We have worked on some of the most innovative ideas to help the clients save millions of dollars on a consistent basis. Our operations experts will work alongside your team to improve the profitability along with systematic improvement in organizational capability. This ensure that impact delivered during consulting engagement is sustainable.

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