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"Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal". There are several elements of the definition which make strategy an enigma. The goal, the plan of action and the design, all three make the best brains of the world exhaust their mettle to outshine their competitors and grow from strength to strength in a globalized and competitive market environment.

We at i3 Consulting, offer our portfolio of services to help you meet your business objectives by making right strategic moves in the following domains:


We understand that managing a corporate and holding together its several individual units is a mammoth task. i3 Consulting offers to help you buttress the joints between the separate parts and strengthen the “whole”. We will help you design, reinvent and adapt your corporate strategy to effectively manage your portfolio of initiatives. We will work with you to shape your company’s direction by identifying synergies within the system and evaluating market opportunities.

Business Unit

i3 Consulting can diagnose the health of your business unit and recommend strategic and operational changes or improvement measures to significantly increase shareholder value. We will provide you with world-class business insights, analytical tools and frameworks and a concrete road-map to help you make the right decisions at the right time.


At a time where growth is the new mantra for business success, i3 Consulting prides itself in being able to offer a large repertoire of skills and knowledge to help you develop a strong growth strategy. We realize that our success is strongly correlated with our client’s. Through new market entries, establishing diverse business ventures, mergers and acquisitions, we work as thought partners for our clients. An integrated effort of the client’s management team, our team of qualified professionals ensures mutual growth and helps bolster the position of the client in the market.

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