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Supply Chain

Organizations globally have invested a lot to gain knowledge about their supply chain and it's supply chain partners. This is such a critical area for a organization that any additional level of insight equip the companies in either reducing cost or identifying opportunities to generate revenues. Our supply chain experience also leverage  innovation and emerging technologies to deliver winning edge over their competitors.

Companies are using historical and current data to identify potential cost savings, generate insights that help in strategic and tactical decisions on the supply chain, and ensure that predictive knowledge of the market drives supply chain decisions.

We have helped organizations across diverse sectors like manufacturing, utility companies, airlines to Help save millions through our traditional supply chain problem solving.

i3C’s solutions for Procurement Analytics

i3C’s solutions for Procurement Analytics address various questions for the client related to supplier performance, payment cycles and efficiencies, and purchase decisions.

Supply chains are a source of efficiency and can lead to more optimal cost management in a firm. With supply chains now being global and complex, technology is transforming the procurement process at rapid pace .

Mapping Supply chain

The i3C Proprietary Tool Kit leverages a combination of text mining, network analysis and open source technologies to provide robust insights into the supply chain of our client organizations. Be it a single product- single geography simplistic supply chain or a multi-product regional or global network, our machine learning driven frameworks in providing the client with a robust, yet simple to understand mapping of their supply chain.

Market expansion strategy

One of the biggest challenges for a relatively large Organization is to optimize and generate supply chain partners, that are value-creating in the longer run. The challenges that they face are (a) scorecard based approach to rate suppliers (b) segment driven customer lifetime value (CLV) rather than predictive CLV. 

The i3C Proprietary Solution provides quantitative insights into who are the partners that are expected to be a long term bet. Not only that, the machine learning also provides a single view of how and what customers are buying from across client divisions or business units.

Block-chain driven supply chains

i3C is investing in Blockchain technology to develop products that can help the clients in having their own blockchain-driven supply chain strategy.

Supplier Performance & Risk Analytics

  • i3C leverages data-mining and text-mining to provide insights into who are the suppliers that look small on a stand alone basis but have sizeable relationship across business units. Armed with this insight, the corporate can deal with suppliers in a much more effective manner.
  • Segmenting suppliers and assisting the client managing those supplier categories accordingly
  • Assessing Suppler Risk - building scorecards to measure suppliers risk based on various factors

Purchase Strategy Analytics

  • Helping the client identify drivers of price and cluster the suppliers according to these cost drivers.
  • Help clients in inventory carrying decisions

Invoice and Payment Analytics

  • Reporting dashboards drill down analysis into KPIs related to payment cycles
  • Fraud analytics through rule-cased system set up for the clients

i3C’s solutions for Inventory Optimization

To reduce overall cost and improve service levels it is critical to maintain optimal level of inventory. The solution's for inventory optimization help clients forecast accurate demand, identity segment-wise products strategies to move inventory, optimize inventory levels, and handle costs and inventory shrinkage.

Demand Forecasting

  • Forecasting models to accurately predict right inventory levels based on typical product characteristics
  • Ensure the adequate levels of safety stock are maintained based on the forecasting models
  • Recommendations on best promotional schemes and price points

Inventory Control Analytics

  • Identify and monitor key indicators like stock churn, inventory costs and obsolescence for inventory across the value chain
  • Inventory Optimization by Identification of slow moving and non performing inventory in portfolio

Inventory Shrinkage Analytics

  • Identifying key drivers that are causing loss due to shrinkage using advanced analytical models that captures various factors such as employee churn rate

i3C’s solutions for Distribution Management

Warehouse Analytics & Monitoring

These solutions help in

  • Increased efficiency and productivity of warehouse operation and resources by developing management dashboards covering KPIs such as warehouse capacity.
  • Optimize warehouse space allocation so as to minimize the inbound and outbound time for goods

Transportation Analytics

  • We help to analyze market freight rates to rationalize the transportation fleet, optimize routing and load for delivery etc, to minimize cost to serve and reduce lead time

Point of Sale (POS) Analytics

  • Analyzing POS data and inventory data to prevent Out of stock situations
  • Optimizing the division of space within shelf modules at product level so as to drive customer satisfaction, sales, and business profit.
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