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With increasing competition and more information being available to the consumer CPG companies across the globe have developed a more analytical approach to their traditional problems. Tactical use of analytical capabilities in recent time has enabled CPG companies to cope with and even benefit from the key trends impacting the industry. Following are the key areas where CPG firms are exploiting their analytical infrastructure to achieve desired results:

Market Estimation/Sizing

  • Identify and quantify lucrativeness of segment/ markets / SKU
  • Market feasibility report, category forecasting, market share estimation.
  • Identification and indexing of competitive threats and market barriers

Logistics and Procurement

  • Procurement analytics to drive efficiency
  • Distribution analytics to optimize cost
  • Prioritize most valuable channel partners
  • Optimize inventory by performing stock inventory v/s lost sales analysis

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer insights and segmentation
  • Customer loyalty enhancement and Sentiment analysis
  • Analyze customer feedback to derive meaningful conclusions
  • Calculate & analyze NPS and related metrics

Marketing and Innovation

  • Real time measuring of promotion strategy, assortments and effectiveness
  • Marketing mix optimization
  • Analyze cannibalization for newly launched products
  • Innovate trade promotions through quality insights
  • Define the right brands, packs and prices for the specified channel/ customer

Strategic Growth and Planning

  • Identify trends and gaps in the market along with cost benefit analysis
  • Segment attractiveness with growth forecast
  • Pricing analysis, sales forecasting , business growth drivers, attribution modelling, market mix modelling, social media analytics
i3C offers an effective approach to unlock value through analytical solutions curated specifically for CPG companies
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Revenue Growth and Management
  • Market Sizing
  • Shopper and Category Management
i3C’s Solutions for Marketing Effectiveness

Multi-Channel Attribution Modelling

  • Decipher buyer’s journey across digital and e-commerce channels
  • Measure the impact of different customer touch points
  • Analyze and quantify the impact of traditional, digital and social media on sales and find measure the ROI for each channel and campaign

Marketing Mix Analytics

  • Diagnose reasons for change in business performance by considering the impact of factors such as Advertising, Media selection, Trade promotion, pricing, etc.
  • Find out optimal sequence of activities to drive customer behavior
  • Optimize effectiveness of each marketing channel

Social Media Analytics

  • Obtain better customer insights from stakeholder conversations on digital/social media, leading to more structured and information driven business decisions
  • Gain comprehensive understanding of operating market by taking feedbacks through sentiment and web analytics

Measuring KPIs through interactive Dashboards

  • Successfully track and monitor custom KPIs along with drill down capabilities to perform root cause analysis
  • Analyze business data from multiple sources and keep track through interactive charts and graphs across timelines
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