i3 Consulting

With increasing competition and constant market volatility, retailers across the globe have moved to more scientific solutions to their traditional problems

Retailers across the globe are investing heavily in big data and analytics to drive strategic decisions and achieve operational excellence

i3C solutions provide retailers with the opportunity to leverage different value levers across the value chain to create bottom line business impact
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing
  • Merchandizing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Store Operations
i3C’s solutions can help retailers in Strategic Planning

Portfolio Strategy

Making strategic decisions about product development and the allocation of company resources in key functions

Store Network Planning

Understanding the geographical interaction between consumers and retail channels, to determine trends

Integrated Demand Forecasting

Forecasting taking into account past sales, product availability, seasonality factors, etc.

Corporate Wide SOPs

Assessment, development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures

KPI Measurement and Reporting

Development and implementation of financial and non-financial metrics to evaluate the growth of the organization

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