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We provide business advisory and support services in the Middle East region, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and India


Working with AML solution and want to improve it? We have worked on multiple areas to help you.

Our experience lies in understanding of Norkom and SAS AML solutions, though we can handle others as well.

Some of the areas that we can be good at:

  • Using Machine Learning to optimize false positives. We have worked with a bank to automatically close more than 50% of the alerts
  • Enhancing the investigation; we have our proprietary text mining algorithm along with Social Network to automate manual work that is spent on investigations
  • Implement the customized scenarios or create analytical frameworks for optimizing the scenarios
  • Migrations and upgrades of existing solution

Lastly, we can also provide post go-live support on AML



Still struggling with manual process of identifying the reportable customers and generating the report?

We have done multiple implementations for different banks and can help automate the entire process:

  • Identification of reportable customers based on indicia
  • Flagging of missing critical information
  • Validation of GIIN against the IRS list
  • Document and form advisory for indicia curing
  • Generation of reports in XML, Excel and CSV format
  • Submission of report to the competent authorities



We have handled over 8 implementation and 10 consulting projects on IFRS9.

Key areas for support are:

  • Validation of IFRS9 including model validations
  • Post go-live support or customizations on SAS IFRS9 solution

If you are still in non-automated environment, we have a subscription based IFRS9 product that can help your team in seamlessly automating the tasks, reduce errors and protect your IP.


Real time Watchlist monitoring

We have developed a Machine Learning enabled product that helps in optimizing the watchlist screening for onboarding, real-time transaction monitoring and batch based transactions monitoring. The product also has the capability to block the transactions for matches beyond a threshold and trigger investigations automatically.

We can also provide you with the list management functionality in your live sanctions monitoring environment to help you with maker checker functionality and more process driven list management.


We are a team of experienced consultants and analysts who have rich experience working on various SAS products.

  • SAS DI Studio
  • SAS Base/ Enterprise Guide
  • SAS E-Miner
  • SAS AML/ CDD – 5.1, 6.3, 7.1
  • SAS Enterprise Case Management
  • SAS Visual Investigator
  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • SAS Forecasting Studio
For more details, contact us at  Email: contact@i3c.in | Mob: +91-9890646935
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